Portrait of a mini hipster

First sight of thrift, a mini hipster emerges to find destiny Market Day at school. Auction voice required to sell ddok bokki. Man your stations. Fruit, books, toys, clothes. The kid who speaks the loudest, unafraid of the teachers behind the tables, gets the first chance for the monster truck and the biggest sweet potato. … More Portrait of a mini hipster

Year of the Dragon

I love the holidays when the students wear their kid hanboks to school. I particularly like that the 7 year old students’ hanboks are about 6 inches from the floor, as they grow faster than their parents can keep up with new silks. Year of the Dragon Starbucks gift cards and roll cakes Already lucky … More Year of the Dragon

RING Ring ring

This morning, the fire alarm went off. Accident in the kitchen. Gas. Not fire. Rather than lining up the kids and taking advantage of the chance to practice a fire drill in the new school, we were instructed to continue lessons. So over the ringing alarm and intermittent, pleasant female Korean generated computer voice, we … More RING Ring ring

Dream Class Dream Art

I like Dream Class best during art class. The only class with no rules. They’re good at not following rules. This is what I think about when I think about Dream Class: John pouts, and again Emily wants the bathroom Michelle eats her book

New school blues

During the winter break, our school moved. Big windows and warm water in the faucets. My favorite parts. New school new slippers Don’t forget to wear new socks Throw out the old ones  

Just because

I’ve been frustrated the past few days, with school things, with life things, whatever. So it was a very awesome and sweet surprise to come into Courage Class for the first time of the day and have the whole class clap and cheer. Warren, who’s my secret favorite, but also who I discipline the most, … More Just because

Modern Design

Field trip to the design center. Apparently, Koreans don’t carry the same “don’t open an umbrella inside” superstition as we do. I think they were most perplexed by rotary phones. And passed right by the juke box without a second thought.    

It’s a birthday party!!! (again)

After a short hiatus (since apparently not one single child in the entire kindergarten had a birthday in October) birthday party was back to celebrate those scorpios and sagittarius’ special days. Even my very favorite, one-of-a-kind-bad-attitude-but-I-love-him, Warren, had a birthday! And of course, Yuni had a birthday too, celebrating with a few gang signs. East … More It’s a birthday party!!! (again)