Niagara Falls, Canadian Side

I went to Niagara Falls for the first time in my life and could never have expected to feel the level of giddiness that hit me the second I saw them. I’ve seen waterfalls before. I’ve even seen Iguazu Falls at the intersection of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. They were stunning. But something hit differently … More Niagara Falls, Canadian Side

Koreatown, Toronto

I lived in Busan, South Korea three different times, for a total of four years. It’s the most I’ve ever lived in one place since I was seventeen. And that makes Korea close to my heart. There is so much I love and miss about South Korea- the Kimbap Chunguk’s (a small chain restaurant with … More Koreatown, Toronto

Back on the saddle

Just over three months of my blogging hiatus, I’m back. Back on the last day of my life to wear contact lenses. Tomorrow begins one week of glasses only (minus the 8 hours of “teaching” swimming I’ll be doing this week), as one week from tomorrow at this time, my eyes will be freshly lasiked. … More Back on the saddle

Last one possible

I missed, by less than 10 seconds, what I usually consider to be my “last possible train,” in ¬†order to make it to work on time. So, I waited for the next train. As you do. Feeling anxious. Feeling late. Apparently, the 9:44 train from Jangsan is a hot spot for old timers. What is … More Last one possible

Strepped out

1. Female doctors who speak English. When she asked me to open my throat to look inside, she gasped and said “woah!” I don’t think that’s a good sign. 2. Early days for getting done the things that need to get done and still have some time to relax my possible strep-throat-carrying body. 3. Weeks … More Strepped out


This picture shows how I feel. This picture was taken in my bed. From exactly where I lay the minute I got home until the minute I went to bed early. 1. The best part of the work day is when you get off. I was extremely grateful for the end of today. 2. IP … More Bedridden

Good boys

1. When a good student’s (Colin, left) energy rubs off on a crazy student (right, Andy) and they read comic books in the library during lunch break, while the other kids scream their heads off. 2. Sunny weather and a lunch time stroll around the block. 3. Because after this post, I only have 5 … More Good boys