Makkoli Monday

KSU is never short on sparkles. Or makkoli. When in doubt, honey makkoli on a Monday. We took Kyohei out to our favorite makkoli place in KSU, joined by a few good friends, spicy chicken (I almost wrote “kitchen.” I guess I teach English in Korea), kimchi tofu, ramen noodles and kimchi pajeon. It’s just … More Makkoli Monday

Sunday artists

I spend Sundays with an amazing group of female musicians, writers, photographers, poets, painters, performers and all-around strong, incredible women. I love Sundays. Thanks to my sister I have become obsessed with Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks Love Love LoveĀ   

Busy Santa

It’s official. Santa has sold himself out. Apparently business is not so good up at the North Pole. He’s taken a side job. SK Telecom was hiring. No shame.


Worked on a short film over the summer, “Another, Please,” which had it’s premiere last night at the exact location of the film itself. Opened up with some guitar, which I loved, especially when there are silly lyrics. I love silly lyrics. Reminds me of the scene on the bus in “Once” when “boy” tells … More premiere

Mario’s in love

You never know what you’ll get on a Saturday night in KSU. Tonight, it was Mario. Mario with sweet dance moves. Off to the side, Julie hummed. The sweet sounds of Mario sliding down the flagpole after a long day of turtle jumping, fire shooting and size changing too often for comfort.