AREQUIPA, PERU: What to do

Maybe you’re like me and you arrived to Arequipa without doing any research at all. Now that you’re here, you’re wondering- well what do I do now? Or maybe you’re planning ahead, saving locations in your Google Maps, and getting excited for your trip. Either way, I’m here to help! Below is a list ofContinue reading “AREQUIPA, PERU: What to do”

EK BALAM | Better Than Chichen Itza

Day 3 started early, but thankfully not as early as day 2. The power and electricity were back on track, so no midnight, burning hot, wake-ups this morning! Just an early work shift. A lot people would hate waking up at 4:45 to work, but I really don’t mind. Especially when I’m working in Mexico.Continue reading “EK BALAM | Better Than Chichen Itza”

Tulum Ruins: Get the Most Out of it

This was not my first time to travel with my sister, Lindsay. She has actually come to visit me in several places I have lived. This is also not the first time we have taken road trips together. We drove around Cairns in Australia, stopping in the Daintree National Forest, and to scuba dive atContinue reading “Tulum Ruins: Get the Most Out of it”


Two days at Petra.  Two contradictory feelings to describe Petra: Incredible. Frustrating. Petra is old. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful, spectacular, impressive and all synonyms of the like. If you think you don’t know Petra, you probably know more than you realize. Think Indiana Jones. Petra is also full of bad jokes, which you’ll hear from theContinue reading “Petra”