I first went to Georgia in January 2020 with the intention of spending about 6 months there, and then moving on. I had weddings to go to in Santorini, friends to meet in Istanbul, plans to travel around the region. But just 6 weeks after arriving, my life and my plans got put on pause, … More TOP SIGHTS IN GEORGIA (country)

Morocco of my dreams

Chefshaouen was the Moroccan city I never knew could exist, the Moroccan city of my dreams. With its blue walls, surrounded by a wall of mountains, easy to manage medina, avocado shakes, hamams, kind people, I don’t think I would ever be ready to leave regardless of how many days I spent there. Even the … More Morocco of my dreams

Barcelona a muerte

Barcelona passed by quickly in a blur of admiring Gaudi, sitting in plazas, eating tapas, cañas en plazas, copas en casa, hiking en las montañas, meeting new friends, catching up with dear old friends- one of which I hadn’t seen since my time as a study abroad student in Sevilla 12 years ago- when he … More Barcelona a muerte