Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday should be a day off. A Wednesday off is better than a three day weekend. It’s been decided. Storm. Dry. Sun. Rain. Eat Chinese Food. Rain. Dry. Vintage bargain hunting. There’s no such thing as “free size.” Rain. Cotton. Rain. Dry. Drive home. Spanish. Pesto. Laughing. Guitar. Listening. Friends. Laughing. Spanish. Learning. Wet. … More Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

The Road Cafe

  Took a short break from our Nampo-Dong Halloween costume search and stumbled across The Road Cafe. A hidden gem inside the chaos of market streets. Two floors up. Indian styled mats on the floor of a raised platform. Suspended trains circling the cafe.  Pictures in my latte (I love that). Wall sized maps. A … More The Road Cafe


We took a little break from shooting at the fish market, to have a look at the ajoshe/ajuma disco party happening on the outside patio, just beyond the stench of the flounder and fish guts from inside. What we found was the ultimate old man/old lady Saturday afternoon hang out spot. Drinks were being passed, … More Grouchashi