The world’s most informative news source

When looking to get informed on world news and culture, one need not look much further than the oh-so-reliable “Kinder Times.” Forget Democracy Now, folks. Amy Goodman’s got nothing on the likes of Sarah Choi, David Choi, or Elena Bae. No need to check in on the latest in the US elections or the Palestine-Israel … More The world’s most informative news source


The Artist’s Way ends. Twelve chapters. Twelve weeks. Complete. For one last hurrah, our group came together for show & tell. Beautiful poems, hilarious short stories, paintings, songs and of course an incredible assortment of homemade potluck food. These women are truly amazing and inspiring.

Creating a corner

Yesterday I took my artist (me) to the art store. I bought an easel, canvas, paints and anything else my artist’s heart desired. Then I came home and cleared a space and created a corner so my artist could thrive. She is happy now. She is on her journey. She is filling her well. So … More Creating a corner