Camino de Zapatos

I walked on the Camino de Santiago for 25 days from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, 725 kilometers. Twenty five days. Three pairs of shoes. Is this ridiculous? Absolutely. I had trained in one pair of boots that I thought would see me to the end of the journey, but ultimately lasted only two days … More Camino de Zapatos


A failed attempt at Beltane, due to the rain. But the moon cookies were still delicious. Turning a rainy day into something good. Today’s top 3: 1. Meeting new people. 2. Watching a movie so bad, we literally had tears rolling down our face. If you want to see a good comedy, watch this! 3. … More Raincheck

Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday should be a day off. A Wednesday off is better than a three day weekend. It’s been decided. Storm. Dry. Sun. Rain. Eat Chinese Food. Rain. Dry. Vintage bargain hunting. There’s no such thing as “free size.” Rain. Cotton. Rain. Dry. Drive home. Spanish. Pesto. Laughing. Guitar. Listening. Friends. Laughing. Spanish. Learning. Wet. … More Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday