A sunny disposition

  1. Dinner with Brent and H’Sia. Who doesn’t love playing hide and seek with a 3 year old? Especially when you share the same birthday. 2. Rooftop lunch break sunbathing. Nice enough to lie out. Not nice enough for swim suits. But we did bring them just in case. 3. Texts that make me … More A sunny disposition

Rooftop lunch break

1. Rooftop. We discovered the rooftop of our school building a few Fridays ago, on Arbor Day. Today it was my sunny reading lunch break spot with a pretty sweet view of the Gwangan Bridge and the MiWorld Ferris Wheel. 2. Nag Champa. My stash is nearly out, but it makes everything smell much better. … More Rooftop lunch break

The Daily Levitation

Thanks to my friend Mikio, via facebook, I stumbled across a pretty rad Tokyo-based Japanese photographer, Yowayowa. To quote her, she “lives in Tokyo with two cats. Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating).” So project of the day? Attempt my own daily levitating self-portrait. Thanks for the inspiration, Mikio.