Feeding the addiction

1. Costco. Having all my sharp cheddar cheese needs fulfilled at a short scooter ride away. 2. Being a foreigner. Feeling so outside of culture, that I rarely feel self-conscious (like when taking pictures of cheese in Costco, for example). 3. My plants. I’m amazed at how green and full they’ve been looking lately; my … More Feeding the addiction


With an early schedule and a sunny day, La Poderosa and I found ourselves in Dalmaji Hill on the hunt for the newly arrived cherry blossoms, which are now in full effect. They were not hard to find, as they lined the road all the way up from Mipo to the top of Dalmaji and … More Blossoming

Joining the gang

With the purchase of her first 오토 바이 (scooter), Lauren has been inducted into the scooter gang. After a quick and easy stop in to see “our guy,” we left with matching red twinsy scooters. La Poderosa is glad to have a sibling. A late night ride for burritos and chatting to celebrate.

The last Saturday

What started out as a disappointing Chuseok, due to ferry fires, turned into a great long weekend around Busan with great friends. Mexican feasts, french toast Sunday mornings, beach days and beach bonfires, couchsurfers, movie watching, scooter rides, dinner dates. I love my new friends and all our new adventures.

Day of Independence

Red day on the calendar. Thank you Japan, for the Independence and the day off. Our scooter gang is getting bigger (welcome to the club, Niki!), so what better way to celebrate the independence (in two senses) than with a field trip scoot on over to Taejongdae. Multi-sediment layered rocky cliffs, baby tadpoles in the … More Day of Independence