So long Korea, farewell

Less than 24 minutes until we leave Seoul for the ferry port in Incheon, where an under-sized bunk bed will be my sleeping arrangements for the night. Seventeen hours on the Yellow Sea until reaching the shores of Qingdao. I’m leaving Korea. Again. And I’m not coming back. Maybe. I’ve said that three times before. … More So long Korea, farewell

Back on the saddle

Just over three months of my blogging hiatus, I’m back. Back on the last day of my life to wear contact lenses. Tomorrow begins one week of glasses only (minus the 8 hours of “teaching” swimming I’ll be doing this week), as one week from tomorrow at this time, my eyes will be freshly lasiked. … More Back on the saddle

Where the weekend ends

1. Sunny weather. It’s the first weekend that feels that summer has truly arrived. 2. Erin, Corrine and Kaely for organizing an important documentary for an audience. 3. Seeing all my friends together in one place, when it feels as though I haven’t seen them in ages.

A taste of Seoul

1. Grass. The grass in front of Seoul’s city hall may or may not be the only “lawn” I’ve seen in Korea. They should consider more of that. Picnics are nice. 2. The International Food Fair. For letting us eat in Afghanistan, Sudan and Bangladesh all in the same day. ¬†And Chilean wine and German … More A taste of Seoul

MyungDong, my heart

1. Forever21 in Seoul, for having numbered sizes (for real size people) and not “free size” for the Korean ideal sized people. 2. Glasses/contact lens shops on every corner in Korea, for when you get a tear in the middle of your contact, but you didn’t bring any extras for the weekend and you must … More MyungDong, my heart


1. A three day weekend. 2. The mighty KTX and all it’s speed. 3. The Korean boys who sat across from me and took me completely by surprise with their fluent English; one had lived in Tonga, the other in the States.

Mother Russia

1. What the book. For the speedy shipping of my shiny brand new Lonely Planet Trans-Siberia for post-Korea adventures. 2. English. For being my first language, allowing me to work abroad for so many years, and in turn allowing me to travel (almost) as much as I want. 3. Frankie. For baking me homemade vegan … More Mother Russia

Why Seoul is good

Seoul has got it figured out. Breakfast is good. Kimchi for breakfast is not. Western breakfast is delicious. Starbucks is ok, but small, eclectic un-chain breakfast restaurant is even better. I can’t wait for Busan to catch up to the secret that Seoul already knows, and I hope it happens fast. This squid is not, … More Why Seoul is good