matching couple lovers

Today I’m grateful for: 1. Max and our burrito picnic party, cilantro makes everything just a little bit better. ¬†And of course, Julie, who brought the wine. 2. The sun. Today was the first beach day. Still a little cold for bikini wear, but perfect for outdoor picnics, sarongs and sunglasses. Sub category a: Living … More matching couple lovers

Arbor Day

Vocabulary of the day: 1. Put the screen in the bottom of the pot. 2. Put soil in the pot. 3. Make a hole in the soil. 4. Put the plant in the soil. 5. Fill the hole with more soil. 6. Add water. Sing each line like a song. They remember. Magic.


With an early schedule and a sunny day, La Poderosa and I found ourselves in Dalmaji Hill on the hunt for the newly arrived cherry blossoms, which are now in full effect. They were not hard to find, as they lined the road all the way up from Mipo to the top of Dalmaji and … More Blossoming


A cancelled class/fluke in the schedule means that I get off 3 hours earlier than normal two days a week this month. Cheers to the first day since October that I’ve left work and can still see the blue sky. Though my health seems to be deteriorating, my mood is much improved.