Lauren would never say her name was Britannica. She would never say she’s from Uzbekistan and can’t speak English. She’s too nice. So while she sat in the subway, in her best teacher’s voice, talking to the ajoshe looking for English practice, Erin and I guessed (with 99% accuracy) the questions he would ask. We … More Guessing

Missed connections

The reason you miss your connecting transfer train: There is no ‘stand on the right, walk on the left while on escalator’ rule here. And the first person heading the slow line, never seems to mind a. not moving while everyone behind them is stuck, and b.  watching the train pull away when they could … More Missed connections

Subway Grandma

Standing up on a busy subway car, we noticed a Korean grandma who got on and sat down in the only empty spot. She started speaking. To no one in particular. Just talking. Talking to the people across from her. Next to her. A few seats away. Mostly she went ignored. Once the train cleared … More Subway Grandma