Chichen Itza & Tsukan Santuario: Hot Tips to Enjoy Your Trip

Day 2 started at exactly midnight. I woke up sweating. I reached for the AC remote and pressed the button. And pressed. And pressed. Nothing. I rotated the switch on the lamp. Nothing. My hand reached around the nightstand in the dark until I found my phone. The numbers “1” and “2” on the smallContinue reading “Chichen Itza & Tsukan Santuario: Hot Tips to Enjoy Your Trip”

A day trip to Puerto Morelos

On October 1, at 4 am, I stared out the window of a Denver light rail into the darkness as I made my way to the Denver International Airport. Then a ding brought my attention to my phone. My good friend Art from Gringo Nation sent me a message. He had met a couple inContinue reading “A day trip to Puerto Morelos”