Bodegas and Vineyards Reading Time: 8 minutes Cafayate, in the province of Salta, is well known for its wine, bodegas, and vineyards. Bodegas are scattered around the town center, and vineyards exist just a short walk outside of town, while others require a slightly higher than average taxi ride. Some require reservations, while others are … More BODEGAS AND VINEYARDS: GET TIPSY IN CAFAYATE

A taste of Seoul

1. Grass. The grass in front of Seoul’s city hall may or may not be the only “lawn” I’ve seen in Korea. They should consider more of that. Picnics are nice. 2. The International Food Fair. For letting us eat in Afghanistan, Sudan and Bangladesh all in the same day. ¬†And Chilean wine and German … More A taste of Seoul


Today I got a new tattoo. A third tattoo. No videos this time. Julie serenaded us with tales of Earl’s impending death, Savannah brought the back-ups (Max, Hoegaarden & Doritos), Erin screamed in pain and Kyung Jin very kindly provided the Dutch mustard, cheese, and wine, not to mention the ink and needles. So for … More Thrice

Giving thanks in Korea

I am thankful for…   The best of friends White wine in plastic Budweiser cups A real turkey breast Niki James’ amazing mashed potatoes Costco pumpkin pie Fresh homemade whipped cream (thanks once again to the other Niki) My family who I miss a lot

Cab Sav

After a hectic week, nothing better than dinner with the girls. Good pasta, good wine, good conversation, good friends. Good view of the Gwangan Bridge at night. My friends are amazing. I’m so lucky.