The countdown starts

Tomorrow I say goodbye to balloon art, hotel class, bank class, airplane class, swimming pool, dodge ball, newspaper fashion show…

Tomorrow is the last day of the easiest job of my life.

Five days until I leave Seoul.

Sixteen days until I leave Korea.

Seventeen days until I dock on the shore of Qingdao.

Twenty eight days until I slip on a track suit and settle for vodka and potatoes as my daily  nutrition intake.

But first, my top three fav’s from Post Office class:

1. How’s it going? I’m having an amazing time at SEV. It’s very very very very very amazing. Teacher very very very very very pretty. Teacher very very very very very kind. I have met a new friend. His name is Alex.

2. How’s it going? I having a fun… But don’t say ㅠ ㅠ So you Pretty Girls (me ugly). Many class. Nicki Teacher vest pretty girls!! So start many!

3. Hi Teacher! My name is Hawall. I like you becuse your kind and pretty.. another teacher too, but, you are best! you are good. Are you know my freand? My freand name is Dana. She is older sister, but good and kind. I think SEV (here) is Dana and you is best. My favorite class so far is post office class. I love you ~~ <3