The world’s most informative news source

When looking to get informed on world news and culture, one need not look much further than the oh-so-reliable “Kinder Times.”

Forget Democracy Now, folks. Amy Goodman’s got nothing on the likes of Sarah Choi, David Choi, or Elena Bae.

No need to check in on the latest in the US elections or the Palestine-Israel conflict. The “Kinder Times” offers something much better; Learn about the new World’s shortest man in Nepal, the World’s ugliest dog passing away, whether or not clapping is good for your health…

This week’s edition of the “Kinder Times” was particularly inspiring.

My favorite lines, and I quote:

1. “[Obama] is well-known for his love of Korea.”
Obama is known for many things, but loving Korea is certainly not one that stands out upon initial reflection.

2. “The songs were made by the world’s best musicians” (referring to the Wonder Girl’s new album. Has anyone ever even heard of them in the US? Apparently they are taking the States by storm).
Did Carlos Santana collaborate on this latest album? Joaquin Sabina? Paul Simon? I’m guessing not.

3. “People draw pictures on eggs on that day (Easter) while thinking about Jesus.”
When dying Easter eggs as a child,  my one and only thought was absolutely not focused on Jesus. In fact, I’m not really even sure the connection between the two…