To like or not to like babies

Candy is infamous in my 5:30 class for going off topic. So much so, I have taught her the idiomatic expression, “getting off track.” “Digress” is next.

In the midst of a profound discussion regarding the differences between top soil, clay soil and sandy soil, Candy interrupted with an oh-so-pressing-question:

“Teacher, don’t you like babies?”

Initially, I thought she was referring to Monday, when I told her to stop being a baby and act her age (she is 9, afterall!) just because she didn’t get a homework check (she didn’t do her homework, admittedly rare, for her overeager self).


“Yes, of course I like babies. I love babies. Why?”

“Then why don’t you get married so you can have a baby?”

Dying inside (of laughter, that is).

“I don’t want a baby now.”

“But don’t you like boys?”

“Of course I like boys.”

“Then why aren’t you married?”

This is the same student who told me last week that, on Monday, her aunt is going to lay a baby. One thing at a time.

Ironically, the head teacher brought in her baby today, which she laid about 6 months ago.

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