Unintentional stalking

It would have been one thing, if it ended at Dunkin Donuts. But it didn’t.
That’s just where it started.

Ten seconds after walking past the window of DD’s and waving at the little Korean children wearing matching brother outfits, Erin and I made a U-turn and decided it was coffee time. We went in. And waved again.

Caffeine in hand, we continued on to the shoe store; moments later, we looked through the sale rack and through the glass window and into the eyes of the very same matching brothers we had just seen. We waved again.

Carried on with our shoe business.

Not much later, as we headed out the door of Sfunz, we once again found ourselves just behind our mini friends at the cross walk. This time, we abstained from the wave.

Approaching the next street, we hoped they would turn right, as we would go left. They went left. Before us. We continued our “stalk” as their mother repeatedly looked behind her, wondering why two 왜국인 (foreigners) were on the prowl for her children.

The same thing. A few more times.

Inside Erin’s friend’s shop. We looked out the window. There they were.

Who’s stalking who now?