Vic-to-ry Lotte!

1/160, f/6.3, ISO 100

If I had to choose one thing that Koreans do better than Americans, it would be baseball.

Koreans do baseball well. Totally.

First of all, beer prices are normal. There are convenient stores in the stadium. Also normally priced.  There are restrooms at the bottom of each set of stairs. One can buy all the kebabs, patbingsu or dried squid his or her heart desires from the myriad of teenagers and ajumas cruising the stadium with a soggy, used cardboard box slung on their hip.

1/80, f/2.2, ISO 200

There is an “exciting zone” with official cheer starters and wave starters. There is a separate anthem for each player which is sung in unison by everyone in the crowd. Their rally caps are orange bags which are passed out in the 8th inning; everyone creates their own unique style of wearing this fashionable head gear, mainly twisting it to create a balloon effect and wrapping the handles around their ears.

The orange bag is twofold: clean up after yourself.