I’m Nicki.

A memoir writing, photo taking, stage performing, storytelling, craft beer drinking, left leaning, anti-racist, sewing, painting, drawing, mustard loving, opinion having, question asking, fanny pack wearing, language studying, deeply loving, pirate joke telling, blogging, video-making world traveler.

Growing up, I constantly heard stories about the Peace Corps in Paraguay from family friends; I always begged for more and more stories. Stories I so badly wanted to be my own. My family didn’t even have passports. But I knew what I wanted, and that was to make stories of my own. 

I craved the world I didn’t yet know, but could feel in my bones I would one day be a part of. The first time I went abroad, I was 20; a semester in Seville, Spain. After the program ended, I traveled alone throughout western Europe. I came home that summer with travel further cemented in my mind, and waited for graduation day to finally begin my journey.

Since then, I have taught English in South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina. I studied film in the Philippines and graphic design in Italy. I sold fruit at a roadside stand in New Zealand, poured pints at pubs in Australia, and spent the pandemic in the country of Georgia. I trained across Russia on the Transsiberrean, and walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I studied yoga and ayurveda at an ashram in India. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Korean.

I spent all of 2022 in the country of Argentina (with a side trip to Peru), traveling from north to south, getting to know this amazing country better.


I am currently in Mexico!


With this blog, I hope to show you some of my own travel adventures, as well as help you get started on your own. Many people assume that it costs lots of money to travel, or that long term travel is totally out of the question for them. That is a huge misconception. I want to inspire you, and show you that you too can travel and live all across the world, without having a trust fund.

I love to help people get started traveling on their own, and provide a ton of information on my YouTube channel, as well as provide 1×1 travel consultations. I also wrote a travel guide about Buenos Aires which has been extremely successful since its launch. You can also find my many city guides on the Thatch app.


Find me on my YouTube channel, Nicki Posts Travel Stuff. I’m also on Instagram offering tips about traveling to various global locations.

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Drive a scooter around Sri Lanka

The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

Northern mountains in Pakistan

Live on an ashram in India


Victoria Falls in Zambia

Travel through Ethiopia


Desert Trek in Algeria


Walk the Camino de Santiago via Portugal

Walk the Camino de Santiago via Spain

Participate in the Mongol Rally from England to Mongolia

Travel the entire Italian coastline


Transsiberian Train across Russia

North America

Mexico City on September 16

The Grand Canyon

Joshua Tree

Death Valley

South America

Travel extensively through Suriname, Guiana, and French Guyana

The Chilean Coast

Visit the Atacama Desert

The Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia


Walk across Tasmania

Work on farms in New Zealand


Cross the Drake Passage to reach Antarctica