Bruncheria brunch in Cordoba Capital, Argentina

The BEST Brunch Spots in Cordoba, Capital

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One of my favorite things to do, especially while traveling, is enjoy the quiet morning at a lovely cafe or brunch spot. It can often be tricky to find consolidated lists for great brunch spots that aren’t the jumbled mess that is TripAdvisor. So if you’re like me and like a good eggs Benedict on a Tuesday morning, this list is for you!

I was fortunate enough to spend three months in Cordoba Capital, Argentina. This is a city filled with secret alleyways, and great eateries.

What I look for in a great cafe is not just the food options, but how cute and cozy it feels. If I’m going to pay for breakfast, I want to feel comfortable. The list below fits those very strict requirements I have!

LA CAPKE Brunch Spot

This brunch spot has two locations. One is in Guemes, and the other in General Paz, and both are very cute. They both have great indoor ambience and outdoor patio space. They are also both clearly connected, using similar color palettes in their decoration choices; yet they also each have their own individual charm. The menus are the exact same at each spot.

GUEMES: Fructuoso Rivera 260, X5000 Córdoba
GENERAL PAZ: Jacinto Ríos 126, X5004ASD Córdoba
HOURS (everyday): 8am (G. Paz)/9am (Guemes) – 9:30pm


This is a great spot in the heart of the Guemes neighborhood. What I love about it mostly though, are the bagel options. Bagels are not always easy to find in Argentina outside of Buenos Aires. The only thing is, you’ll need to ask them specifically to toast the bagel. Maybe it’s the American in me, but bagels should always be toasted, and I expect them delivered that way. Here, not so much. Beyond that, it’s a great garden atmosphere (with heaters in wintertime), to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or merienda.

ADDRESS: Belgrano, Gral. Martín de Güemes 873, X5000 Córdoba
HOURS: Everyday 10am – 9pm (Sundays open until 10pm)


I passed by this spot several times before finally stopping in. I had been curious about it long enough, and I needed to know if it’s name lived up to my expectations. It did. The brunch was great. They had several options to choose from, both individual items and promo sets. The inside feels like an old fashioned Italian diner, highlighting the yellow/blue color combo popular in the late 1990’s.

ADDRESS: Dr. Tristan Achaval Rodriguez 244, X5000 Córdoba
HOURS: M-Th 9am – 9pm; F-Su 10am – 9pm.

SANTA LUZ Brunch Spot

I stumbled upon this place purely by accident. However, it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Inside there is a warm atmosphere, enhanced by the fact that it’s quite a small, but cozy space. There are only about 10 tables inside. They had a wide variety of cakes, avocado toasts, eggs, coffee drinks, etc.

ADDRESS: Av. Vélez Sarsfield 89, X5000JJA Córdoba
HOURS: everyday 7am – 11pm


This spot sits right off of the peatonal (walking) zone in the center of the city, which makes it a very quiet and cozy location. It’s also a cafe inside a bookshop, which makes it extra cozy. If you’re a person like me who loves to be surrounded by the tranquility of a good bookstore, you’re going to love this spot. They have standard Argentina breakfast offers, plus a brunch menu. In my case I got the avocado toast/poached egg promo, which comes with a fruit salad, coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, and water.

ADDRESS: 9 de Julio 482, X5000EMJ Córdoba
HOURS: M-F 9am – 8pm; Sat 9:30am – 3pm; Sunday closed


Velo Cafe sits right off one of the main avenues of Cordoba, Avenida Colon, though it is quiet and relaxing inside. Their bicycle theme is cute, but not overdone. They have a pretty decent breakfast menu, with some of the most affordable prices in comparison to other breakfast spots. Velo doubles as a panaderia, and the whole place smells like freshly baked bread. I ordered the “Americano” breakfast promo, pictured below.

ADDRESS: X5000EPN, Av. Colón 18, X5000EPN Córdoba
HOURS: M-F 7am – 9pm; Sat 8am – 3:30pm; Sunday closed


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