8 thoughts on “MONEY IN ARGENTINA | How to Double Your Cash with Western Union Argentina

  1. Is there a way to send your money to a specific Western Union in Buenos Aires? Or can you literally pick it up at any Western Union in the country?

    Would you be able to forward me the address to the “big branches” in Buenos Aires to avoid headaches trying to retrieve money?

  2. Just did it right now to test it out before our trip in February. Looks like through the app there’s no fees to transfer money and you can also do it with Apple Pay and it arrives in Minutes. Hopefully in Mendoza the WU aren’t as bad as the major city.

    1. Every once in a while, Western Union doesn’t charge a fee, so looks like you got lucky. Nice work! 🙂 You can do it with Apple Pay, but you will most likely be charged an additional fee from your credit card attached to Apple Pay. Mine charges $10. From what I’ve seen, the Mendoza WU’s are much less crowded than BA!

      1. Thanks that’s good to hear ! I do wish there was a way to just to go ahead and pay the peso amount for all the bookings. On some other sites I’m reading visa and MasterCard is doing the MET rate but it’s taking a few weeks to process the refund. Right now they charge you the official rate and then a few weeks later they apparently refund you the difference.

        Everyone I’ve talked to and tried to book stuff with. They always wants to charge me in USD even though I pick the peso amount.

      2. Unfortunately that does happen. But very often you can choose the “pay when you arrive” option, and then you can pay in pesos. You may have to pay a deposit in dollars online, but it’s worth it if you can pay in peso once you get there.