Mexican Food in Buenos Aires: The Bueno, The Malo, the Asqueroso!

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You might be thinking, “Mexican food in Buenos Aires!?” To this I say, “YES!” Maybe because Mexican food is delicious, or possibly because I grew up in Colorado, but I often get a strong craving wherever I am for a spicy burrito smothered in green chili sauce. I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy to find decent Mexican food outside of North America. So this blog post is my quest to satisfy my deepest Mexican food cravings, and I’m bringing you along on this journey with me.


Location: Cap. Gral. Ramón Freire 1201 (Colegiales, though there are several)
Day/Time I went: Tuesday, 7pm
What I ate: Burritos & Mojito
Price: 2000 pesos
Final Rating: 🌮 🌮
Thoughts: I will not be going back. Even if I’m walking by and craving guacamole or if it’s the only thing open. Taco Box was shockingly bad for being labeled Mexican food in Buenos Aires. They were out of tequila (in a Mexican restaurant! ), so we couldn’t order margaritas. The “salsa” that was brought out with the chips was more like a tomato soup. I’m not joking. Imagine pouring out a can of Campbell’s tomato soup and dipping your chips in it. Please don’t go here if you like your food to taste good. I only gave it two stars because the mojito was surprisingly good.


Location: Balcarce 873, C1064AAQ (San Telmo) Check out their Instagram: Che Taco
Day/Time I went: Friday, 7:30 pm
What I ate: chicken huaraches, michelada, and shared guacamole with chips
Price: 2500 pesos (including tip)
Final Rating: 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
Thoughts: Hands down, the absolute best Mexican food in Buenos Aries I have been able to find. They’re authentic, delicious, and, best of all, they come with green and red picante sauce. Not just the Porteño ‘are you sure you want more, it’s so spicy’ (when it’s really not), but real ‘my lips are burning in the best of ways’ spicy. Some food options include burritos, tacos, gringas, huaraches, sopes, etc. Drinks include jamaica, horchata, and even a delicious (and massive) michelada. The people who work here are really from Mexico, so they know what’s up!


Location:AAI, Carlos Calvo 491 (San Telmo)
Day/Time I went: Saturday, 3pm
What I ate: Three taco promo, 1 Corona, 1 Patagonia Beer
Price: 2015 pesos
Final Rating: 🌮🌮🌮🌮
Thoughts: Okay, yes we went on a Saturday. Okay yes, it was busy. But waiting 80 minutes for a 3-taco promo and 2 beers seems a little extreme. There didn’t seem to be any order or system. We watched people come in long after us, order, and finish their food long before us. We had to get up several times to ask if our tacos were actually coming. The tacos were actually pretty decent, but it is definitely not worth it unless you have large amounts of time to wait so you’re not late to your next apartment visitation time, like we were.


Location: Charlone 499, C1427 BXI (Colegiales)
Day/Time I went: Tuesday, 9pm
What I ate: Asado tacos, cerdo tacos, gordita, 2 beers
Price: 4750 pesos
Final Rating: 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮
Thoughts: We had no problem getting a table when we went. The people who work here are super friendly, and the place very hipster. This is a place for hipster tacos, gorditas, and beer from a can. The food came quickly and was very fresh. The tacos were full of a ton of ingredients, but the gordita had a special warm and cheesy yum to it. They definitely don’t go all in on the Mexican theme. There are maps of New Zealand on the wall. It’s more of a hipster corner joint that happens to serve pretty decent tacos and gorditas.


Other Mexican food restaurants in Buenos Aires that were recommended to me but I didn’t have a chance to try before I left Buenos Aires:


Location:El Salvador 4800, C1414 CABA (Palermo)


Location: Av. del Libertador 14186, B1642 (Martínez)


Location: Salvador Debenedetti 617, B1637 (La Lucila)


Location: Jorge Newbery 3791, C1414 CABA (Colegiales)


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