COLEGIALES: Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

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Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: Colegiales

Coming to a new city can be really overwhelming for the first time. You need to figure out where to live, and how to get around, often before you have even seen the city with your own eyes. I put together this Buenos Aires neighborhood guide for Colegiales to help you get a bit more acquainted with the area, and hopefully make your transition a bit easier. Also, make sure to check out these TIPS for moving to Buenos Aires.

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Colegiales is a smaller Buenos Aires neighborhood that fits between Belgrano and Palermo. It is definitely one of the lesser-known Buenos Aires neighborhoods in the city, but with a lot to offer.


The Colegiales ‘hood is very quiet. It’s easy to forget that you’re walking around in a massive city. You definitely get the feeling that you’re in a residential neighborhood. The streets of Colegiales are quiet, and not crowded like they are in other parts of the city. It doesn’t give off a rich or upper class vibe like Belgrano and Recoleta do. But there are plenty of cute cafes and restaurants around to satisfy your city cravings.


There are no subte stops in this hood, but there are several bus stops, mainly along Avenida Elcano. The Mitre Train line also passes right through this neighborhood, with a stop at Teodoro Garcia and Cramer, about 3 blocks east of the green pedestrian bridge.


The two main avenues in this neighborhood are Avenida Elcano and Federico Lacroze. All along Avenida Elcano, you can find cafes, restaurants, plant shops, clothing boutiques, etc. There is also a lot of commerce along these two main avenues, as well as where several avenues come together, just next to the Plaza San Miguel de Garicoits. There is a massive Disco supermarket right along Avenida Elcano, which offers a lot of options.


The Flea Market (Mercado de las Pulgas) is just across from the Plaza Clemente. Here you can find anything from antiques, to furniture, to paintings, etc.

On Saturdays (from 8am-2pm) you can find the local farmer’s market along La Calle Cramer (between Maure and Jorge Newbery, near the train tracks).

There is another small farmer’s market on Sundays (from 8am-2pm) along the edge of Plaza Mafalda.


Plaza Juan Jose Paso is a small park with a basketball court, playground, and a few trails where people walk their dogs. It’s not glamorous or beautiful, but it serves its purpose if you are looking for a place to exercise or take a seat in nature.

Plaza San Miguel de Garicoits is a small park right along a busy avenue, so it is not quiet or peaceful. There is a children’s playground there which is pretty big, and it seems like a meeting place for dog owners.

Plaza Mafalda is a park in honor of the famous Argentine cartoon, Mafalda. This is a family park with a playground and a few paths, and a lot of construction at the moment. Just adjacent to this park is Plaza Clemente, where you can see several exercise groups working out. There are also a few tables to sit, chat, and drink mate in the sun. There is a small farmer’s market here on Sundays.

The Plaza de los Colegiales, including the Plaza Matienzo, is a long and skinny park that runs alongside the street Benjamin Matienzo. There is a playground and a concrete futbol pitch. Highly notable was the smell of weed. There is some green space, but I wouldn’t say this is a relaxing park due to its proximity to a busy street.

Plaza Colegiales is just one block from the Plaza de los Colegiales. It’s a small, fenced in corner park with a basketball court inside. On the corner there is a small area with outdoor exercise equipment for public use.



Colegiales is full of adorable cafes, pubs, and local eateries ready to be explored. There is something for everyone in Colegiales, making it a magical place for any foodie who comes to visit!


Outside, you would never guess how adorable Verdin truly is. Inside, it is as the name suggests, all green. Green walls and tons of plants. There is an upstairs sitting section, as well as an outdoor terrace. They have calculated each detail carefully, right down to the beautiful handmade pottery of their mugs and plates. There are tons of delicious homemade treats, a veggie sandwich, and they even had a chai latte.

Yedra Cocina Silvestre

Yedra Cocina Silvestre is a fantastic vegan cafe, with daily brunch and lunch menus. They have amazing fresh juices and vegan food options. The atmosphere both inside and outside (sidewalk seating area), both provide a cozy atmosphere, and everyone working here has a cool, alternative look. I highly recommend this spot.

Salvaje Bakery

In my opinion, the best bakery in the entire city is here in Colegiales (right on the border with Palermo Hollywood), called Salvaje Bakery. Both the delicious food and great atmosphere combine to make this a memorable dining experience. As American 90’s rock bands play on the radio, you can enjoy your freshly baked bread (or bagel, or croissant, or…) along with your freshly squeezed orange juice or sparkling grapefruit juice. This is not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, however, there are a ton of vegan/veg options here.

Cafe Colegiales

Cafe Colegiales is such a tiny and cute little spot. I absolutely love it. It definitely gives off local neighborhood cafe vibes. I watched locals come in and hug the waitresses. There was definitely a really nice energy here. They don’t have big fancy brunch menus, but the simple pastry and toast menu they do have is full of quality. Everything is fresh and homemade, and the coffees are excellent.

Strange Brewing

Strange Brewing has fantastic craft beers and delicious food options, including a hearty grilled cheese sandwich if you’re craving home. Don’t expect quick service if you head there on a weekend night. But do expect great beers, especially if you like a nice hazy IPA, they’ve got you covered.

Pipu Cucu

Pipu Cucu is located just next to the Pasaje General Paz (see below), and is a cute little restaurant with great lunch specials. It’s not specifically a vegetarian restaurant, though there is a large variety of vegan/vegetarian options. The decorations are cute and feels like an old timey French cafe.


This is a pretty residential neighborhood in Colegiales, so there isn’t much to “see & do” besides eating at restaurants, having coffee in precious little cafes, and visiting the weekend markets. However, Pasaje General Paz is not to miss if you are nearby.

Pasaje General Paz

Pasaje General Paz in Colegiales

There is one old and beautiful building called Pasaje General Paz (Zapata 552, Buenos Aires). It’s unclear if it’s just an old apartment building, or a museum. The gate is usually closed so you’re not free to wander around. However, if you happen to be passing by, it’s worth a stop and a gander at the beautiful old architecture that is still in relatively good shape.

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