CHACARITA: Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

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Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: Chacarita
Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: Chacarita

In this guide we’ll discuss the Chacarita neighborhood of buenos aires. Coming to a new city can be really overwhelming for the first time. You need to figure out where to live, and how to get around, often before you have even seen the city with your own eyes. I put together this Buenos Aires neighborhood guide to help you get a bit more acquainted with the area, and hopefully make your transition a bit easier. Also, make sure to check out these TIPS for moving to Buenos Aires.

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This is quite a small neighborhood that is not generally considered much by people moving to Buenos Aires, though it should definitely be given more thought. It sits snug in the corner between Colegiales, Palermo Hollywood, and Villa Crespo. It is definitely an up and coming “cool” neighborhood with a ton of great cafes, bars, and restaurants.


The Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires has a really similar vibe to both its neighbors Colegiales and Villa Crespo. It’s quiet, not very chaotic, but tons of great places to eat and drink. It wouldn’t surprise me if this hood became the next “it” place in the next few years, currently in its gentrification period.


The subte line B (red) runs right through the center of this neighborhood. There are two stops officially inside Chacarita, Dorrego and Federico Lacroze, which is just next to the entrance to the Chacarita cemetery. There are also two stops on the Urquiza Train line (orange), Federico Lacroze and Jose Artigas. There are several bus stops throughout the neighborhood. Google Maps can assist you in your routes.


The main avenue in this neighborhood is Federica Lacroze, where you can find several shops and restaurants. There is also a weekend market in Parque de los Andes next to the Chacarita cemetery.

You can also find an interesting local shop called Greens, with affordable prices and simple yet well made goods.


Parque los Andes is a small park split into two, next to the Chacarita Cemetery. On the weekends there is a feria that goes along the edges of the park, as well as the street in between each half of the park. There are new and used items, as well as toys, antiques, DIY items.


Cerdo & Asado tacos at Georgie's
Cerdo & Asado tacos at Georgie’s

Georgie’s Tacos

Georgie’s is a great little spot on the corner, just a few blocks from the cemetery. It’s more like a hipster joint that serves tacos, than a Mexican restaurant that is also a little hipster. There are tables inside and out. One order of tacos (2 tacos) is 1200 pesos. They are only open in the evening.

La Fuerza

This is a cocktail bar, specializing in wine and vermouth, which seems to be the latest rage in Argentina. Hip and cool.


This is a very hip and trendy whiskey bar.

Bar Palacio (Museo Fotográfico Simik)

This bar/cafe is so unique. There are a ton of antique cameras, and film cameras all over the place. At the same time it has the feel of an old time saloon. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights you can find live jazz music here. There are the standard cafe options as well as lunch and dinner items. The main appeal is the ambience.

Strange Brewing

Delgado 658, C1426 CABA, Argentina. This is a fantastic craft beer bar. It gets very busy on the weekends and evenings, and the service is a bit slow. But the food and drinks are excellent. Some of the best craft beer in the city of Buenos Aires.


A stained glass window in the Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires
A stained glass window in the Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires

Chacarita Cemetery

The main thing to see in The Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires is the Chacarita Cemetery. It’s the biggest cemetery in all of Argentina, and definitely gets fewer visitors than Recoleta. The other difference is that this cemetery is still free to enter, whereas Recoleta is now charging. This cemetery is massive, and you can spend hours wandering its tree-lined streets. It was created after an outbreak of yellow fever in Buenos Aires, and the Recoleta Cemetery would not allow those bodies to be buried there.

Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel

The Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel is named after the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel; the center is dedicated to promoting and preserving the tango culture and heritage. Visitors can enjoy live tango performances, take free tango classes, and visit the museum dedicated to the life and work of Carlos Gardel.


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