pan holding pilsner inside bar

CRAFT BEER in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, like so many cities around the world, has fully embraced the craft beer craze. This makes me very, very happy too! I didn’t want to keep the secret to myself, so here I am sharing a list of some of the best spots I’ve found around the city, the majority off the main tourist beat.


Day/Time: 4pm-10pm (Sundays closed)
Location: Av. Díaz Vélez 3984, C1200 CABA (Almagro)
This is definitely off the beaten craft beer path. It’s a small, one room spot with one counter and a few stools inside, and one table outside, but plenty of options on tap. There are also a few fridges full of cans of other breweries available for take away. You can also get and fill up growlers here.


Day/Time: Monday – Wednesday: 4pm-Midnight; Thursday & Sunday: Noon-Midnight; Friday & Saturday: Noon – 1am.
Location: Delgado 658, C1426 CABA (Colegiales)
This is a pretty cool place. It feels very much like a brewery in the US. The massive tanks are in the back, a bar in the middle, and an outdoor patio space. They serve great food like fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, etc. But they also have a great range of craft beer, including a hazy IPA (my fav). Lots of options. The downside? Awful service. Nobody that works there seems to know what’s going on. You’re supposed to put your name on the list to get a table, but it’s nearly impossible to find someone in charge of that list. Every worker will just point you to someone else, who points you to someone else. Only go here if you’re prepared for disarray and you’re okay with it.


Day/Time: 6pm-midnight, (Fridays & Saturdays until 2am, Mondays closed)
José A. Cabrera 4223, C1414 CABA (Palermo)
This is a medium sized location. Not as big as Strange, not as small as Almagro. They do have food, but only hamburgers (2 veggie options), french fries, and nachos. They have a pretty decent range of craft beers. I went on foreigner trivia night, so it was super packed. But I think in general, you would be able to find a seat easily. There are several tables both inside and outside. You need to order at the register, and then they’ll deliver the food to you.


Day/Time: MWF 4pm-12am; TTh 4pm-1am; Sat 2:30pm-2am; Sun 2:30pm-12am.
Cuba 2202, C1428 CABA (Belgrano, but several locations in Buenos Aires)
This is a chain around Buenos Aires. They have a pretty decent list of craft beers, as well as a food menu. Standard pub menu with things like hamburgers and fries, salads and “burrito rolls.” I had the veggie burrito, and I don’t recommend. Pretty boring. We went on a Saturday night around 10:30pm and easily got a table. You need to order and pick up your food at the front counter.