CABALLITO & ALMAGRO: Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

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Coming to a new city can be really overwhelming for the first time. You need to figure out where to live, and how to get around, often before you have even seen the city with your own eyes. I put together this Buenos Aires neighborhood guide to help you get a bit more acquainted with the area, and hopefully make your transition a bit easier. Also, make sure to check out these TIPS for moving to Buenos Aires.

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Almagro and Caballito are two neighborhoods located in the southwest of Buenos Aires. I like to group them together because they are right next to one another and have pretty similar vibes. Almagro is known for its traditional architecture and its strong Italian heritage, while Caballito is known for its residential streets and large parks. Both neighborhoods are considered middle-class areas and are home to a mix of families, students, and young professionals.

Caballito is known for its many parks, particularly the “Parque Rivadavia,” which is one of the oldest parks in Buenos Aires and offers a variety of recreational activities. On the west end of Parque Rivadavia, you can find a daily book fair. Both neighborhoods are home to many traditional Argentine restaurants and cafes. Almagro and Caballito are great places to experience a more authentic and traditional side of Buenos Aires, while still having access to a variety of entertainment and dining options. There is fantastic transportation in this neighborhood.


The vibe of both of these neighborhoods is so chill. They definitely feel more residential than a lot of other neighborhoods in the heart of Buenos Aires. I used to live here in 2005 and really enjoyed it. It was close to transportation, supermarkets, cafes, etc. However, it is not a big hotspot for going out, especially in the foreign scene. Don’t expect to walk to a lot of late night spots in these neighborhoods. But you can expect to find a lot of both trendy and traditional cafes and restaurants.


The subte blue line A runs right down the center of both of these neighborhoods. The stations Loria, Castro Barros, and Rio de Janeiro all stop along Avenida Rivadavia. Continuing along Rivadavia, you can find the stops Acoyte and Puan on the blue line A. There are several bus stops throughout these neighborhoods.


Almagro and Caballito are neighborhoods in Buenos Aires known for their shopping options. Almagro is home to several independent boutiques and vintage shops, while Caballito is known for its large shopping centers and department stores. Both neighborhoods offer a variety of shopping options for both locals and tourists alike. The Abasto shopping mall is just outside the boundaries of the Almagro neighborhood.

There is a fantastic book fair in Caballito, just next to Parque Rivadavia. Each kiosk is individually owned, so they don’t all operate during the same exact hours. Though the prices for books here tend to be a bit lower than in bookstores. You can also find magazines, records, comic books, etc.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can find the feria artesenal del Parque Centenario, located near each entrance. Anything from clothing to jewerly to tools. Hours are 10am-7pm weekend days.


Almagro and Caballito are neighborhoods in Buenos Aires that have several parks to enjoy. Caballito is home to Parque Centenario, a large park that features a lake, playgrounds, and sports facilities. You can also find Parque Rivadavia in Caballito, which is one of the oldest and most traditional parks in Buenos Aires. Both parks are a great place for locals and visitors to relax, exercise and enjoy nature.


Almagro and Caballito are neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Argentina that offer a wide range of dining options. Almagro is known for its traditional parrilla restaurants that serve Argentine-style grilled meats. Caballito has a diverse mix of restaurants, from casual cafes to upscale dining options, and it’s famous for its Italian and Chinese cuisine.

Almagro Beer Co

The Almagro Beer Co. is a tiny little shop that offers a large variety of craft beers on tap. There is one little counter with a few stools where you can drink, or a tall picnic table outside. There are also a ton of craft beers in cans in the fridge that you can get to take away. A very local joint.

Patio de los Lecheros

Patio de los Lecheros is a historic site located in Caballito. It is a courtyard that was once home to milk vendors in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It is now a cultural center that hosts various events and exhibitions. The Patio de los Lecheros is a unique glimpse into the history of Almagro and it is a popular tourist attraction. A great place for food and drinks.

Las Violetas

Las Violetas is a historic café and confectionery located in Almagro. It was founded in 1884 and it is considered one of the oldest cafes in the city. Las Violetas is a landmark of the neighborhood and it’s known for its elegant architecture, traditional décor, and for serving delicious pastries and tea. Las Violetas is a popular spot and is a great place to go for a coffee break and to experience a bit of the history of Buenos Aires.


There is not a lot of ‘entertainment’ in this neighborhood, as it is largely residential. My best suggestions are to visit the Rivadavia book fair and Parque Centenario (especially on weekends) mentioned above.


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