Busan Haps Promo Video

This is a promo video I wrote/directed/produced with an amazing crew and cast for the Busan Haps print/online magazine for foreigners in Busan, South Korea.

International Education


My final project in film school, shot on Canon 7D. It has shown at the Lancaster Area Film Festival in Lancaster, PA as well as the Emerging Filmmakers Project at the Bug Theatre in Denver.

Two lives intersect, but are finally brought together by a message written on a torn book page which only one of them can understand.

Korean Artists, Korean Art

A documentary that I created in Busan, South Korea

Fowl Play

This is a documentary I worked on during my third term at film school, shedding light on the Philippino pastime of Sabong, or cock fighting.

Bus Stop

Directed by Ashish Joshi, I produced this short film during my second term at film school, which shows love lost and found through one man’s perspective, all while at a bus stop.


Shot on Canon 60D, this short video shows a glimpse of the night life in Gwangali, Busan, South Korea. My friend, Julie, is singing the lyrics and playing guitar.


Shot on Canon 60D, a short video from a summer holiday to the South Korean island of Ulleung-do, on the east coast of South Korea.

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Everything Leaves a Mark 

Shot on Canon 60D, 50mm lens. One night during the Chuseok holiday in South Korea, we decided to go get tattoos.
Music by Lucas Reynolds.

One Billion Rising

Shot on Canon 60D, 17-50mm Tamron Lens. During the One Billion Rising (Un Billon de Pie) event in Antigua, Guatemala to raise awareness for violence against women.

Boulder Under Water

Shot on Canon 60D, 17-50mm Tamron Lens. Boulder is flooding, people are being evacuated. CU was closed, day off work, I walked around. This is what I saw.

Camino de Santiago

Shot entirely on GoPro Hero4 Silver. November 2014 Camino de Santiago.


Reykjavik and Amsterdam