I grew up in Lafayette, Colorado, a small-medium sized town in the east of Boulder County, and according to my friends and me- a very uncool town. Lafayette was like the lame little sister to Louisville, the next town over, who always wanted to tag along. When Louisville started becoming more hip and was voted Best Place to Live in Colorado, Lafayette stayed pretty unhip, besides those few hidden gems like Santiago’s.

But over the past several years as I’ve returned to Lafayette for visits- sometimes a week, sometimes a few months, things have started to change. We now have brunch restaurants. More coffee shops than just The Cannon Mine. Even vintage clothing shops. But the true mark of hipster glory- the brewery.

Colorado is now home to six (used to be 7 but one didn’t pay taxes) breweries and tap rooms. People are now choosing to live in Lafayette over Louisville, and downtown is busy every day with Happy Hour goers and hipster taco hunters.

A few weeks ago, my friend Greg came down from Denver, along with his bicycle, and we had one goal in mind- to see how many of these breweries and tap rooms we could get to in just three hours. So we hopped on our bicycles and rode the mean streets of Lafayette, passing by my childhood memories- Centaurus High School, Angevine Middle School, the Bowling Alley- and made it to our first stop:


A row of taps at the Front Range Brewing

This brewery sits in the back of a strip mall that was once Tings Chinese Restaurant and Flatirons Church, but is now a hipster coffeeshop, a trendy bakery, and of course, a brewery, all in that ‘old factory turned open brick, cool place to hang out style’ that is popping up all around the world. It is now known as the District Mall. Or maybe it always was, I don’t know!

We got there just in time for the live music to start. Families sitting outside on the patio, Greg and I sitting inside with the AC. The vibe was definitely a good one.

They had good snacks to go along with the beer, and we ordered a plate of doughy pretzels; Greg got the Amber ale, and I as usual, opted for the TrHOPical Illusion IPA. Both solid choices.

Before heading out, we spoke with the owner of the brewery who explained that this was the first brewery to open up in Lafayette 8 years ago, essentially starting the trend. It’s completely family owned and run, with each member taking an active role in the business- bar tender, server, head chef, etc.

We definitely recommend this place, especially for families, as it offers a wide range of beer on tap, a full menu- including kids items, live music, and a very welcoming atmosphere.

400 W South Boulder Rd, #1650
Lafayette, CO 80026


A wooden statue carving of a dog on the patio at Romero’s

Where dog meets beer, and beer meets dog. Never have I ever seen this combo before, anywhere else in the world. But if you like great beers on tap from around the world, including several local options, and you have a dog, and you want to drink said beer while watching said dog run around, this is the place for you!

Growing up, this location used to be Sonic. Every summer I would ride my bike with my friends first to the Lamont Dose swimming pool, and then to Sonic for a sugary ocean water. Now 25 years later I am riding my bike to Romero’s for an adult beverage. While Romero’s has certainly upgraded the infrastructure of the building, and added additional patio sections, as well as a giant off-leash park for the dogs to run around, it still retains the charm of an old fashioned Sonic. The parking lot reminiscent of roller-skaters carrying trays of burgers and shakes to cars parked in slanted slots.

Greg and I didn’t bring a dog, but we did get to enjoy everyone else’s, as we sat at stools overlooking the dog yard, and watched them all play together while their owners sipped beer and made small talk with one another.

A few winters ago, I had come back to Lafayette, and actually attended a wrestling match here. Romero’s had rented out a giant wrestling stage and sat it up right out there in the dog park. It certainly attracted a crowd.

Romero’s is set to celebrate their 5 year anniversary this August, but I foresee several more years to come.

985 S Public Road
Lafayette, CO 80026


An establishing shot of the The Post Chicken & Beer

Growing up, this location was the VFW Post. I used to spend afternoons here as a small child, while my sister met with her Girl Scouts troupe. I attended banquets and trophy ceremonies here throughout my years in organized sports. Now, it is the aptly named Post. Nicki Post Drinks Stuff.

The Post now has a total of 5 locations across the front range, but I do believe the Lafayette location was the first. As they say themselves, “The Post Chicken and Beer was borne out of our love for Hot Chicken and Cold Beer,” and they have certainly mastered that. In typical Colorado style, the chicken they use is humanely raised, and sourced from local farms. The Post was also voted “Best Fried Chicken” in The Westwood once again, for 2021.

The Post’s Lafayette location has a pretty big outside patio, where pre-covid, you could play Cornhole while listening to live music and sipping your fresh beer brewed on location. However, the Cornhole now seems to have disappeared, but the patio tables are still out there to enjoy the fresh air.

Of all the places we went to, The Post definitely has the largest food menu, and feels like much more of a restaurant than a standard brewery, making it a good spot for families, but for singles as well, as you can easily sit around the large horse shoe shaped bar.

105 West Emma street
Lafayette, CO 80026

4. ODD13

A photo of an Odd13 beer glass full of a watermelon sour

Save the best for last. I first discovered Odd 13 about 4 years ago when I was back in Lafayette for a couple months; I was working at a tap room in Louisville, and we had local beers from all over the state. The first time I had an Odd13 IPA, was the first time I fell in love with an IPA.

Odd13 doesn’t offer food, but they do let you bring in your own.

Greg went for one of the original classic IPA’s, and I selected a very refreshing Watermelon Sour, and we went to the back patio where jazz played, and the evening lights came on.

We chatted until it was closing time, and then hopped back on our bikes for the dark ride home.

301 E Simpson
Lafayette, CO 80026

So in the end we made it to 4 spots- 2 breweries, and 2 tap rooms, in a span of 3 hours, on a warm sunny night riding our bikes down the same streets I rode as a kid. Once we got back to my place, we couldn’t help ourselves, and Doordash’d some Taco Bell while we discussed our favorites:

Best overall beer: Odd13
Best atmosphere: Front Range Brewing
Best food menu: The Post
Best patio: Romero’s

If you are looking to hit up all these local Lafayette spots, then I also want to quickly mention the two we didn’t make it to that night:

Liquid Mechanics
No food menu inside, but usually a food truck outside. Decent beer menu. Often live music. Good patio, but it backs up to a highway.

297 N. Hwy 287 Suite 100
Lafayette, CO 80026

Cellar West
I’ve never actually been so I can’t offer any insights but the photos make it look cozy, so hopefully I’ll make it before I leave Colorado again.

778-B W Baseline Road
Lafayette, CO 80026