Lafayette Colorado Brewery Tour

(updated September 2023)

In the last several years, the Lafayette Colorado brewery scene has exploded. Boulder has long been known as the great craft beer capital in the area, however, it now must share that spotlight with its little cousin, Lafayette.

Over the past several years, however, as I’ve returned to Lafayette (my hometown) for visits, things have started to change. We now have brunch restaurants. More coffee shops than just The Cannon Mine (RIP). Even vintage clothing shops. But the true mark of hipster glory- the brewery.

Lafayette is now home to five (there used to be 7 but one didn’t pay taxes and one died during Covid) breweries and tap rooms, plus one cider location. People are now choosing to live in Lafayette over Louisville, and downtown is busy every day with Happy Hour goers and hipster taco hunters.

I decided to do a deep dive with my friend Greg, who came down from Denver, along with his bicycle, and we had one goal in mind- to see how many of these breweries and tap rooms we could get to in just three hours. We hopped on our bicycles and rode the mean streets of Lafayette, passing by my childhood memories- Centaurus High School, Angevine Middle School, and the Bowling Alley.

Below is a comprehensive list of the Lafayette Colorado brewery spots. So why not make a little trip out to Lafayette for a craft beer after a hike at Mount Sanitas!?

Lafayette Colorado Brewery: This is a photo of a bar with several beer taps on the silver wall of corrugated metal. Above the taps is a sign that says "Colorado Brewer's Guild."
An image of the taps at Front Range Brewing

Unfortunately, this Lafayette Colorado brewery has now shut its doors since the pandemic. It was a great family-owned and cozy brewery with live music and good vibes. RIP Front Range Brewery.

Front Range Brewery Former Address:
400 W South Boulder Rd, #1650
Lafayette, CO 80026

This is a wooden statue of a dog at Romer's K9 Club Taproom. Behind the statue are people drinking beer.
A dog statue at Romero’s K9 Club

Where dog meets beer, and beer meets dog. Never have I ever seen this combo before, anywhere else in the world. But if you like great beers on tap from around the world, including several local options, and you have a dog, and you want to drink said beer while watching said dog run around, then Romero’s is the place for you! This is not a Lafayette Colorado brewery, but a taproom.

Growing up, this location used to be a Sonic. Every summer I would ride my bike with my friends first to the Lamont Dose swimming pool, and then to Sonic for a sugary ocean water. Now 25 years later I am riding my bike to Romero’s for an adult beverage. While Romero’s has certainly upgraded the infrastructure of the building, and added additional patio sections, as well as a giant off-leash park for the dogs to run around, it still retains the charm of an old-fashioned Sonic. The parking lot is reminiscent of roller skaters carrying trays of burgers and shakes to cars parked in slanted slots.

Greg and I didn’t bring a dog, but we did get to enjoy everyone else’s. We sat at stools overlooking the dog yard and watched them all play together while their owners sipped beer and made small talk with one another.

Romero’s K9 Club Address:
985 S Public Road
Lafayette, CO 80026

Lafayette Colorado Brewery: This is an establishing shot of The Post. It is a brick building with doors on the right side, and several windows on the left. The photo is taken at sunset, and the sky behind it is blue and the clouds are pink.
The Post Chicken & Beer from the front

Growing up, this location was the VFW Post. I used to spend afternoons here as a small child, while my sister met with her Girl Scouts troupe. Now, it is the aptly named Post. Nicki Post Drinks Stuff.

The Post now has a total of 5 locations across the front range, but the Lafayette location was the first. As they say themselves, “The Post Chicken and Beer was borne out of our love for Hot Chicken and Cold Beer,” and they have certainly mastered that. In typical Colorado style, the chicken they use is humanely raised, and sourced from local farms. The Post was also voted “Best Fried Chicken” in The Westwood once again, for 2021.

The Post’s Lafayette brewery location has a pretty big outside patio where you can play Cornhole while listening to live music and sipping your fresh beer brewed on location.

Of all the other locations, The Post has the largest food menu, and has more of a restaurant feel than a brewery; this makes it a great spot for families. You can also feel comfortable heading there on your own, as there is a large horseshoe-shaped bar where you can chat with the locals.

The Post Address:
105 West Emma Street
Lafayette, CO 80026

Lafayette Colorado Brewery: This is an image of a beer in the center of the photo. There is black print that says "Odd13 Brewing"
The watermelon sour at Odd13

This is my favorite Lafayette Brewery. I first discovered Odd 13 a few years ago when I was back in Lafayette for a couple of months; the first time I had an IPA from Odd 13 Brewery, was the first time I fell in love with an IPA. Odd13 has recently paired with 4Noses Brewery, so you can now get fantastic beer from two great breweries in one location.

Odd13 doesn’t have a food menu. There is usually a rotating food truck outside. You’re also welcome to bring in your own.

Odd13 is known for its hazy IPA’s, but they also have sours and Mexican lagers on tap. On the back patio, jazz played, and the evening lights came on. A whole mood. Dogs are welcome here on the patio.

Odd 13 Address:
301 E Simpson
Lafayette, CO 80026

Liquid Mechanics has no food menu inside, but there is usually a food truck outside. The beer menu has a lot of options, all brewed on location. They have live music quite often. They also have trivia with Geeks Who Drink every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

This Lafayette Co brewery has a good patio, but it backs up to a highway. So, it is not the most peaceful environment outside, but it’s still a good time.

Liquid Mechanics Address:
297 N. Hwy 287 Suite 100
Lafayette, CO 80026

Cellar West is a brewery just one block away from Liquid Mechanics, along Baseline Road. Just across the street from the Lafayette Library. It’s a small location, making it very cozy. There is a front patio with outdoor seating. They can also host events. There is a large variety of beer options to choose from.

Cellar West Address:
778-B W Baseline Road
Lafayette, CO 80026

While not quite a Lafayette Co Brewery, I would be remiss if I did not include Acreage by Stem Ciders in this list. While the main focus of Acreage is there in its name, ciders, they do still offer beer. I’m not normally a huge fan of ciders as they are too sweet for me. However, at Stem I was able to find a few drinks I quite liked. The food is also quite good, but a little on the pricy side.

Beyond the libations, the atmosphere is amazing. The restaurant is outside the center of town on a beautiful plot of land atop a hill with a view of the Colorado Rockies in the background. It’s ideal if you can come here at sunset to get some great photos.

You should definitely make a reservation as they fill up fast. However, you can play cornhole and have a drink (there is a satellite bar) on the outside patio while you wait for your table.

Acreage by Stem Ciders:
1380 Horizon Ave
Lafayette, CO 80026

Best overall beer: Odd13
Best atmosphere: Acreage
Best food menu: The Post
Best patio: Romero’s
Best activities: Liquid Mechanics

If you want to try more beer, but just don’t have the time, make sure to bring a growler with you. Most of these Lafayette breweries have the capability of filling a growler for you. I love these fancy schmancy growlers from GrowlerWerks, which would also make a great gift for any beer lover.

If you find yourself having some craft beers at Lafayette Breweries, you might decide to play it safe and spend the night. Here are a few suggested places to stay in the area. Why not make a weekend out of your craft beer adventure?

The Hampton Inn & Suites just might be the only official hotel in Lafayette. It’s a 3-star hotel with free wifi, free parking, fitness center, and an indoor hot tub. Breakfast is included. This hotel is less than an 8-minute drive to Acreage by Stem Ciders, and easily a 10-minute drive to downtown Lafayette.

This is a home rental just 3 blocks from Odd13 Brewery. It’s right in the heart of downtown and near all the restaurants and cafes in walking distance. It is an entire apartment, so a kitchen and washer are both included and of course there is free wifi.

This is another home rental just a 10-minute walk from Liquid Mechanics Brewing and Cellar West. It is a 1-bedroom apartment just across the street from Waneka Lake. There is a bathtub, free wifi, kitchen, and free parking.

While Boulder might feel more exciting if you’re coming to Colorado for the first time, it is also the most predictable. I highly suggest getting out of those highly populated areas, and head east for a little more local fun. Lafayette has 6 great spots to choose from for all your drinking adventures. from craft beer breweries, taprooms, and some pretty exceptional ciders. Try a Lafayette Colorado Brewery today!